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Vans of Fame

Throughout the decades, movie and TV fans have been treated to some unforgettable classics on both the big and small screens. As a result, most people have grown up idolizing movie stars and TV characters and thus have a pretty clear idea of what their all-time favorite films, TV dramas and storylines are. Here at Europcar, however, we’ve always had a soft spot for movies and shows that place a hot set of wheels at the centre of the action.

Now as much as we adore fast cars equipped with fancy gadgets, we’ve come to realise that some of the most memorable vehicles in movie and TV history have come in the shape of a van or truck. They may not always be easy on the eye, and usually feature a flaw or two, but these loveable wagons have none the less revved their way into our hearts. In order to showcase some of the all-time greats, we’ve drawn up a shortlist of our top six vansā€¦

Our nominees include Harry and Lloyd’s trusted Mutt Cutts van from the Dumb and Dumber movies, as well as the iconic black and grey metallic GMC Vandura which acted as the preferred mode of transport for the A-Team.

So check them out and see if you agree with our choices. Have we missed any? Then let us know in the comments section below. And who knows, they might inspire you to book a van or truck rental and head off on your own adventureā€¦


Van of Fame
Van of Fame



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