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Europcar’s Best Automatic Vehicles in 2018

If your driving preference is for automatic vehicles, you should take a look at Europcar’s picks for the best models of 2018. All of them are proven to be a real pleasure to drive, hassle-free. Consider one of these options the next time you are looking for a rental car.

Mercedes C-Class


The Mercedes C class makes cruising on the road the ultimate experience. Its driver-assist options (a stereo camera, radar and ultrasound) track what is happening around the vehicle and take action to avoid hazards, as necessary.

Opel Insignia


If you are looking for a vehicle that will give you a soft ride through the city as well as on the motorway, the Opel Insignia is certainly the right choice. You’ll sit relatively low in this car while driving, just like in a sports car.

Volkswagen Tiguan


The Volkswagen Tiguan gives drivers a smooth and quiet ride and offers plenty of space for the entire family thanks to the great flexibility of its interior. This compact crossover shows great reffinment in the cabin and makes every drive very enjoyable.

Alfa Romeo Giulia


The Alfa Romeo’s stylish model Giulia is a compact vehicle, with highly responsive steering and an exquisite balance of weight from the front to back. It’s a sporty model that is a pleasure to drive even in its automatic variant.

Renault Espace


Consider the Renault Espace when you want an elegant crossover. This vehicle is easy to manoeuvre, with an electronic damper control which constantly adjusts the damping multiple times each second to correspond to changes in road conditions.



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