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Unusual Journey Ideas

The beach and the mountains are great places to visit, but you’ve been to both multiples times. Isn’t it about time to change things up and book an unusual journey to somewhere new and different? Here are a few ideas for unique trips that you probably have not heard about before.

New Zealand Adventure Trip

New Zealand has developed a reputation for being home to many adrenaline-pumping activities that are perfect if you are planning an unusual journey. For example, in New Zealand, you can ride a Zorb, a giant contraption that looks like a hamster ball, down a hill or go sledging, which is whitewater riding with a small bodyboard-like sled. New Zealand is also home to a number of “Lord of the Rings” tours that are popular with those who are addicted to all things Tolkien.

Yurt Ski Trips

Looking for an unusual journey to take during the winter time? Try cross-country skiing from yurt to yurt. For the unfamiliar, a yurt is a round, dome-shaped shelter that traces its roots back to Mongolia and Turkey. Most are heated with a wood stove and are quite cozy even in the dead of winter. You can find guided yurt tours in various locations, including Jackson, Wyoming, and Taos, New Mexico.

Tree House with Gibbons

This unusual journey located in Laos is for the truly adventurous. To reach your tree house accommodations nestled in the middle of the jungle, you must take ziplines strung high up in the air. The tree houses themselves are situated about 900 feet above the ground and are a little on the primitive side. With any luck, you might get to hear wild gibbons singing nearby or even see them playing in neighboring trees.

Dogsled Camping Tripsdogsledding trip

Love the great outdoors and the idea of bonding with dogs? A dogsled camping trip might be right up your alley. On some of these trips, you can actually learn how to harness up and take care of your new furry friends. Your days will be spent mushing across snowy terrain while your evenings will be spent in either tents or lodges. Dogsled camping trips are available at numerous locations, including Ely, Minnesota, and Jamtland, Sweden.

Underwater Living

While “sleeping with the fishes” is normally not considered a good thing, you will probably love the underwater accommodations at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which is located off Key Largo, Florida. To get to this unusual hotel located 21 feet under the ocean’s surface, you will have to be able to scuba dive.

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