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Top 5 reasons to visit Alaska

Denali Jeep Backcountry Safari

One of the great reasons to visit Alaska is to explore the miles of beautiful scenery and woodland the state has to offer. Many national parks and safaris have sprung up around this beautiful scenery, so if your next trip to Alaska includes an itinerary of sightseeing, why not combine that with some adventure? Denali features a 4×4 adventure, but Alaska Travel Adventures has many parks across the state, offering different types of activities, so if you’re travelling across Alaska by car, you can visit a few of them.

Tundra Tours

If your reason to visit Alaska is more leaning towards history than adventure, you may enjoy the year-round tours at Tundra Tours. Located at the Top of the World Hotel, in Barrow, the tours take you deep into the regions history and cultury, but you also experience such wonders as the Northern Lights. Well worth a visit on your next trip to Alaska, especially if you rent a car to explore Alaska.

Regal Air

Regal Air is no doubt up there when it comes to the most memorable things to do in Alaska. Regal Air will take you on a flight across one of Alaska’s national parks. Why not see what the park looks like from the air? This experience would seem expensive, but tours start from $100. Regal Air is only a 15-minute drive from Anchorage.

Katmai National Park

At Katmai National Park, in anchorage, you can see for yourself why Alaska’s so famous for its wildlife. Katmai Park offers some of the most diverse things to do on your trip to Alaska, from fishing to bear watching and river rafting, you can indulge a taste for adventure with some spectacular sightseeing. This park alone will give you more than enough reasons to visit Alaska. If you’re travelling Alaska by car, the park is just a short drive away from Anchorage.

Visit Alaska
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Mahay’s Jet Boat Adventures

One of a history buff’s reasons to visit Alaska, Mahay’s Jet Boat Adventures is an educational tour that allows you to learn about how the Dena’ina Indians and early trappers lived in the wilds of Alaska.



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