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Things to do around New-York

Streets of Philadelphia

Philly has plenty of things to do around New York City. Only two hours drive from New York, Philadelphia is well known for its delicious Cheesesteaks and being the home of the Liberty Bell. Trolley tours will take you on a tour of the city and from Philadelphia, you can also take a tour of the surrounding Amish country and ride in an authentic Amish buggy and learn about how the Amish live, with no electricity and technology. There are also many museums and art galleries, including the Philadelphia Art Museum, the steps of which were used in ‘Rocky’, Philadelphia’s attractions rival the best things to do in New York City.

Thinkstock – All rights reserved – ©iStock
Thinkstock – All rights reserved – ©iStock

Warm Welcome at Cold Spring

Only an hour and a half’s drive away from the best things to do in New York City, Cold Spring is one of the more traditional options when considering things to do around New York City. Cold Spring is a quiet little town, with many old buildings and traditional brownstone architecture, reflecting a strong nineteenth-century heritage, known as one of the best historical destinations around New York City. Depending on the time of year, Cold Spring has regular block parties, as well as tours to the impressive nearby Bannerman castle, proving that some of the best tourist destinations lie around New York City.

Make a Splash in Atlantic City

Only 2-hours drive in the southern area around New York City is Atlantic City, known as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. As one of many things to do around New York City, many people come to Atlantic City for the glittering casinos, but the city has much more to offer than gambling, though the themed casinos are fun even if you don’t plan on gambling. Atlantic City also offers unparalleled shopping and a beautiful boardwalk, lined with boutiques and restaurants and a gorgeous sea view. If you decide to hire a car to drive around New York City, make sure and ask about a pre-paid e-card, which will ensure you’re always ready for the tolls.

Atlantic city, New York
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