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Mallorca’s Best Beaches

Mallorca is top three for beach holidays in Spain and it comes as no surprise when there is so much on offer. We have rounded up the best places to go no matter what type of activities you plan to do. Clear waters are almost a default on the island with the inclusion of some especially crystal clear waters. There are beaches that cater to sport fanatics, families with children and lazy sun loungers who want to relax. Hawaiian style beach bars are an added bonus too. You are only a rental car away from all this and more.


Es Trenc – Clear waters

It can be hard to find parking near beaches and Es Trenc is no exception. Be sure to bring coins for the parking machines so you can start this beach afternoon off on a good note. Yes, you may have to walk for about 10 minutes but it will be worth it when you are splashing around in crystal clear blue waters. The beach is not connected to a resort like the majority if beaches in Mallorca so we suggest you bring a picnic of some sort to make the most of your time here, let’s be honest you won’t want to leave anyway. The same is also true for Cala Barca an intimate escape neighbouring Mondrago Park.




Agulla – For the kids

Sometimes you may prefer to sunbathe knowing that all the necessary amenities are but a short distance away. Because it is connected to a resort Agulla has the advantage of having a Restaurante Paraiso de Barbassa close by as well as toilets. Golden brown sand and pine forest surroundings give this beach an edge of exclusivity. Don’t worry though there are just enough people to enjoy a game of beach volleyball. Shallow waters are an advantage if you happen to bring children with you.


Cala Mesquida – Sport fanatic paradise

Located in the north east of the island, Cala Mesquida can be described as a surfer’s paradise. Imagine a rustling ocean current, remote surroundings, white sand and you have already arrived. The lifeguards are on duty for your safety needs because the beach is known for its big waves. Parasols and lounge chairs are available making this a great place for sunbathing. When you rent a car to get there you’ll be able to find free parking at the resort.




Cala Millor – Family beach

By far one of the longest beaches in Majorca, Cala Millor is over a kilometre long and 30 metres indepth. It has all the facilities you need whilst being ideal for water sports and wind surfing. Families tend to fall in love this beach because it’s buzzing with fun and laughter. Hiring a car to get there will save you the trouble of carrying all your gear and ice cream covered infants on to buses at the end of long hot day.


Cala San Vincenc – 4 in 1

Not only is Cala San Vincenc a peaceful seaside fishing village but it has four bays. Set on the north side of the island it is approximately 60km from Palma, Mallorca’s capital. We recommend you stay for two to three days in order to appreciate all that this place offers. Though you could easily visit all four beaches rather quickly before deciding to perch your sun lounger at one for the whole day. Cala Barques is the largest cove and is perfect for snorkelling while its neighbour Cala Carla is packed with various rock formations. Cala Molins tends to be the busiest beach being the most picturesque of the four. Cala Carbo is the quietest mainly because there are rocks in place of sand.


Son Baulo – Beach hut bars and the occasional massage

There isn’t a breach in Mallorca where you’ll find more peace than Son Baulo. Its multiple beach bars are just one of the things that make this beach a gem. A pop up massage parlour opens occasionally and there is disabled access throughout the numerous sand dunes. There is plenty of parking around the town of Ca’n Picafort where Son Baulo is situated.



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