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Trip to Washington, D.C.: Visiting the Museums and Monuments

The National Mall and Museums

If this is your first trip to Washington, D.C., don’t leave without visiting the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It’s where all the tourists go, and for good reason: The Mall is an extensive open space lined by an impressive array of monuments, museums and iconic government buildings. If you have been to the famous D.C. museums and monuments before, try venturing away from the mall to see the National Museum of Health and Medicine or the Kreeger Museum, which features an exciting collection of modernist art.

Hotels and Neighborhoods

There are a number of nice hotels conveniently located in downtown D.C. near the primary tourist destinations. If your trip to Washington, D.C., is on a limited budget, pick a suburban hotel near a Metro station. The color-coded Metro system is easy to navigate and will take you reasonably close to all the major sights and destination neighborhoods. The Georgetown neighborhood in particular is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon or evening. You will find a diverse selection of restaurants, retail stores and historic houses.

Recent Additions

If you have not been on a trip to Washington, D.C., for several years, there are new monuments and museums to see. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial is located next to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. Many visitors have not yet seen the National World War II Memorial, the National Mall’s newest monument, or the National Museum of the American Indian. If you plan on making lots of stops along the National Mall, consider using the Capital Bikeshare for only $5 a day. A bicycle is a fun way to see D.C., and the city is peppered with docking stations where you can easily pick up and return bikes.

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