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Top 5 Car Hire Summer Holiday Destinations

Summer is swiftly approaching (though the weather isn’t letting on to that fact!) and across the UK people are booking time off work, pouring over their calendars and travel sites, looking for the best way to spend their holiday time. While there is no shortage of exciting and exotic destinations to choose from, we’ve compiled our list of hot favourites that suit a car hire holiday where you can take things at your own pace.

 Cornwall – UK

Cornwell United Kingdom

If you want to avoid the hassle of the airports and keep it in the country, then Cornwall is a summer holiday option that you simply have to explore. Tucked all the way down in the south-western toe of England, it’s quite a drive to get there but it’s well worth the effort once you arrive.

Picture-postcard coastal towns and beaches, massively welcoming guesthouses and of course, Cornish clotted cream ice cream are just some of the delights that await you at the end of your journey.

Getting around Cornwall is no great hardship, just pick a hire car with the space, comfort and reliability to handle the long drive there and back.


Antalya – Turkey

Antalya Turkey

Perched on the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Antalya is a lure for sun-worshippers almost all year round. The city itself is quite large and the dotted coastal towns and villages that surround it make car hire an excellent option for those who want to explore this richly rewarding region.

It’s not all beaches and lounging by the pool, as the city has a wealth of fascinating ancient archaeology to discover in its walls and ruins that are dotted around its different quarters. For a fabulous view of the whole city and beyond, we recommend climbing to the summit of Tunektepe hill.


Las Vegas – USA

Las Vegas - United States of America

For the ambitious couple or group of friends looking to make a road trip of their holiday, why not make the glitzy glamour of Las Vegas your ultimate destination? Car hire is hugely popular in the US, making it a fairly cheap prospect, especially when you consider their reasonable petrol prices.

You can strike out from either coast and head towards the shining, neon jewel of the Nevada desert. Just make sure that you save a little pocket money for a cheeky bet once you end your odyssey!


Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona Spain

The ultimate in chic European city breaks for the summer, Barcelona is a must-visit destination for cosmopolitan city-hoppers. With its famous grid-like layout, you’ll find it much less difficult to navigate than many of its French and Italian counterparts. This means that you can nip around Barcelona and make the most of its staggering array of cultural attractions, shopping experiences and nightlife venues.


Orlando – USA

Orlando USA

The ultimate family fun summer holiday destination, Orlando has been thrilling visitors of all ages for decades thanks to its dizzying array of theme parks, water parks and other world-famous attractions. From Universal Studios to Typhoon Lagoon and of course the beloved Walt Disney World Resort, there’s no end of incredible places that provide fun for all of the family.

A hire car is the only sensible way to get around Orlando with its eye-watering range of attractions. Make sure it has extra room for souvenirs and air con powerful enough to compete with a meat locker!



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