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Southern California’s Theme Parks with a car

Discover the Happiest Place on Earth

Sunny Southern California is home to one of the most beloved family holiday parks in the world: Disneyland. Magic, fantasy and spectacular theme rides are the park’s specialty, enchanting visitors of all ages. From classic, family-friendly rides like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Haunted Mansion” and “It’s a Small World” to thrill rides like “Space Mountain” and “Splash Mountain,” Disneyland is a captivating adventure. Exquisitely detailed themed areas are part of the family holiday park’s appeal where Adventure Land offers jungle rides and Indiana Jones’ escapades and Tomorrow Land beams with Buzz Lightyear competitions and rocket rides. Throughout the park from Main Street to Toon Town, Disney characters and princesses visit with guests, pose for pictures and dance along engaging parades. For entertainment, fantasy and rousing fun, it’s hard to beat magical Disneyland.

Family Holidays Park USA
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Put Your Windows Down and Cruise from Anaheim to Valencia

While Disneyland may be the mother of all Southern California family holiday parks, there are plenty of other exciting adventure parks nearby. In the heart of Orange County, Disneyland’s Anaheim location is a perfect jumping-off point for other exciting parks and activities. In fact, over the hills to the north of Anaheim rests Six Flag Magic Mountain, one of Southern California’s other favorite theme parks. It’s just 60 miles away from Disneyland, so it’s easy to hop in your rental car and head north to Magic Mountain’s Valencia location. Although the distance is not far, it can be tricky to anticipate Southern California traffic, so give yourself about two hours to make the trip. There are plenty of things to see and do along the way, from the Egyptian-inspired architecture of a large, discount-filled outlet mall to one of Southern California’s most legendary burger joints. Public transportation is spotty in Southern California, and both theme parks offer ample, easy-to-use parking, so a rental car is definitely the way to enjoy all of Southern California’s charms.

It’s a Thrill a Minute at Six Flags

Family Holidays Park USA
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Once in Valencia’s Santa Clarita Valley, Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park and its Hurricane Harbor water park are unmistakable landmarks. One of the most sensational family holiday parks in the area, Six Flags is the place to go for breathtaking thrill rides. It offers roller coasters in every conceivable, heart-pounding variety, from stand-up and floor-less versions to suspension and five-dimension rides that spin even while they loop and plunge and curl. Take your pick of adrenaline-spiking roller coasters like Goliath’s 255-foot drop at 85 miles per hour and the tallest, fastest stand-up coaster, Riddler’s Revenge. Of course, Six Flags also appeals to families with small kids. Magic Mountain’s Speedy Gonzalez kiddie coaster offers gentler, laugh-inducing thrills, and the rip-roaring water slides at Hurricane Harbor are refreshingly exciting.



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