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3 Incredible Global Cities Worth a Visit

Discover the top three cities where global culture is embraced wholeheartedly and exciting attractions are readily available.

While there are thousands of incredible cities around the globe worth visiting, there are a few major destinations that offer international flair, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a diverse blend of cultures. Each of these three amazing global cities makes for a wonderful trip.


Travelers in search of global delights in the United States often head to New York City, but Seattle can also hold its own in terms of exciting culture and a diverse culinary landscape. Located on the Puget Sound and boasting breathtaking scenery, Seattle is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and offers a range of cultural opportunities. Shop at the impressive Pike Place Market, explore the museums in the appropriately named International District or grab a tasty meal from one of the countless traditional Asian restaurants found in the Uwajimaya Village.


Visitors to Miami will love the variety of cultures present in this thriving and exciting city. Just miles from Cuba, there is a genuine Hispanic presence in the city of Miami that adds flavor to everything from the music to the cuisine. A trip to Little Havana will reveal Calla Ocho, the neighborhood’s famed culinary strip. Dig into traditional Cuban favorites and even gourmet guava sorbet at the stalls and restaurants throughout, and then make the journey over to Little Haiti to try out some impressive French-influenced fare.

Washington, D.C.

As the capital of the United States, it should come as no surprise that Washington, D.C. is about as diverse as it gets. After seeing major attractions around the National Mall, experience the local culture and international influences. The neighborhood of Columbia Heights is home to the Mexican Cultural Center as well as dozens of incredible murals. In Little Ethiopia, travelers can dig into some authentic fare from halfway around the world.

Seattle Sunset

Photo 1 : Miami, © Alexander Demyanenko – Fotolia.com

Photo 2 : Seattle Sunset , © kenmc3 – Fotolia.com



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