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Driving rules in Belgium: what you should know

For your next holiday or weekend, you’ve decided to explore the Low Countries. A symbol of quirky humour and self-deprecation, Belgium also offers a cultural, culinary and patrimonial palette that is rich and varied. To take full advantage of this richness, the car is the appropriate means of transport: on the ‘route des Abbayes’, from Flanders to Wallonia, from town to town, there are so many possibilities. A little bonus: the motorways are free. For comfort and peace of mind, why not opt for renting a vehicle from Europcar? But before starting your holiday, remember, people drive on the right in Belgium!

What are the conditions for driving legally in Belgium?

Be aware that in order to drive a car in Belgium, you must be at least 18 years old and be able to present a valid Belgian or European driver’s licence.

Non-Europeans should consult the list of recognised driving licences on the site http://mobilit.belgium.be/

European speed limits

Depending on where you drive, remember to adjust your speed: 50 km/h (about 30 mph) in town, 90 km/h (about 55 mph) outside urban areas and 120 km/h (about 75 mph) on motorways.

Keep an eye on your alcohol consumption

Although Belgian beer is renowned for its wonderful taste, its alcohol content can be surprising (for example, Delirium is 8.5% alcohol), and don’t forget that blood alcohol level should not exceed 0.5 g/l. The standard glass is 25 cl, so if you need to drive, you should know that a single beer is likely to put your blood alcohol level beyond the allowed limit.

Parking rules, which should not be taken lightly!

Finally, you should be aware that parking regulations in Belgium are quite strict. So it’s best to park in one of the many existing car parks or in a clearly identified area, and it’s even better to ask the locals for advice!



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