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Traveling to the United States Virgin Islands

The United States Virgin Islands has always been a hot spot for overseas tourism. Located in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, this territory has an abundance of tropical beaches, sun and sea. The subtle winds and relatively low humidity make travelling and walking around the islands very pleasant. Few rainy days over the years have made planning the holiday easier as there is little chance that you won’t see sun. Explore the unique mix of British and Danish culture as you travel across three unique islands in this one-of-a-kind paradise.

Getting to the Islands

There are many ways to explore the United States Virgin Islands. The most common is by boat as several cruise ships include one or more of the islands in their itinerary. Surprisingly, the area is a hub for all sorts of domestic travel. This allows you to customize your trip in a number of different ways. Many people include the Virgin Islands in their trips to the United States or other nearby areas. Because entry requirements for the islands are the same as they are for the United States, customs procedures are a breeze.

Saint Croix

st croix
Saint Croix is the largest of the three islands and was formed by volcanic activity. It is known for its abundance of rainforest, mountains and beaches. Tourists find joy relaxing in the tranquil scenery or exploring some of the historic towns. Narrow roads make walking along the historic Danish architecture a very popular activity. The Christiansted Historic Site and Whim Great House are among the top historic attractions. While exploring the beaches, be sure to find a quiet spot to fish or SCUBA dive as there is an abundance of marine life.

Saint John

st john
Saint John may be the smallest of the United States Virgin Islands, but its attractions are nothing short of world class. Several resorts are nestled on this small island, which consists mostly of a National Park. While most of the influence in the historic areas is Danish, a hint of Spanish discovery still lingers in this beautiful area. Ferries are very popular and a great way to tour the island. There are plenty of cozy cafes and romantic restaurants that offer a great mix of local cuisine. This friendly island is easy to navigate and is a popular stop for snorkeling tours.

Saint Thomas

st thomas
This popular island features two major cities, Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook, both with their own unique subcultures. Most cruise ships stop at Charlotte Amalie, also known as “downtown,” because of the abundance of nightlife, music and boutiques. Red Hook has a stronger nightlife than Charlotte Amalie and offers a ferry service to Saint John. Both areas will offer plenty of island tours to help you get acquainted with the area. While golfing and SCUBA diving are still very popular, nothing compares to the island’s shopping opportunities. The area continues to cater to travelers with a variety of delicious restaurants and local bars, regardless of the city you are in.

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Photo 2 : Saint Croix @ Lee Cannon Certains droits réservés CC-BY-SA

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