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The Best Sunny Vacation in November

Choosing a Beautiful Spot

One beautiful place to consider for a sun trip vacation is Florida. Specifically, a beach town like Naples makes for an excellent sunny vacation in Florida during the cool months of November. From gorgeous beaches like Vanderbilt Beach and Clam Pass Beach to the luxurious shopping on 5th Avenue, there is no shortage of fun things to do in this beach town. There are many resorts lining Vanderbilt Beach, so one can also feel free to rent a beach chair and be treated like royalty during one’s stay.

The Best Beach Vacations

Florida is known for offering the best beach vacations, and one should plan a sun trip vacation in this sunny state. By choosing to rent a car with Europcar, you can visit destinations like Lovers’ Key and the Miramar Outlets. You can also drive off to destinations like Marco Island for the day in a rental car. A sunny vacation in Naples can be arranged so that you buy a package that includes airfare, a hotel room and car rental. Upon arrival at the Fort Myers Airport, it is easy to find transportation or rent-a-car options too.

Make the Most of Your Trip

Man playing golf

In Naples, Florida, you can enjoy an incredible sun trip vacation that includes water sports activities, golfing, shopping, tanning under the sun rays and dining at some of the best gourmet restaurants. You can enjoy all of these activities while it may be snowing in your home state. This city makes for one of the greatest beach vacations because it offers the best of everything. You can also easily rent a car to make traveling throughout Naples easy. Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine on the beach or the live music at some of Naples’ beach bars, it can feel like one is in paradise in this city. Plan your trip to this gorgeous city today for the time of your life.

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