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A scenic road trip along Germany for Summer Holidays

The Romantic Road in the Bavarian country of Germany offers an array of sites and some funny things to do in the area on Summer Holidays. This scenic road covers more than 220 miles, so you will need a rental car to be able to explore all of the sites regardless of what trip you end up taking.

The Beer Tour

You will have the ability to go on a beer tour down the scenic road as there are many different pubs throughout Munich and beyond. You will drive through the medieval towns one after another. Have fun with the locals, and ask them to pick out what you’re going to eat and drink. You won’t want to miss out on all of the wheat beer and fresh pretzels found at the pubs.

Scenic road Germany - Neuschwanstein Castle
Thinkstock – All rights reserved – ©Natalia Klenova

The Castle Trip

Germany’s Castle Road is nearly 200 miles, and you can see more than your fair share of castles along the scenic route. You can dress up as the royal King Ludwig himself or pretend as though you are going to Disney World. If you visit Neuschwanstein, you are essentially going to Disney World because Walt Disney modeled Cinderella’s Castle after this one located up in the Alps. Other castles and palaces can be seen throughout this scenic road trip along Germany Castle Road.

The Architectural Trip

Especially along the Germany castle road, you are going to come across work by Tilman Riemenschneider, who was a master sculptor during the late Gothic period. He was the mayor of Wurzburg, which has some incredible fountains and buildings as well as a lively wine scene. From there, you can take the Romantic Road all the way to Munich, a lovely trip. It is there where you can marvel at more architecture, including all the beautifully designed structures around Marienplatz.

Scenic tour in Germany - Munich panorama view
Thinkstock – All rights reserved – ©Mapics

Regardless of where you’re planning on spending your time in Germany for Summer Holidays, you want to make sure you choose a route where you are going to be able to have some fun. Romantic Road is not only romantic but also funny. There is plenty to do. If you want to see a production in Munch or take a tour of a castle along the way, it is available. Best of all, you will be able to see more when you have a rental car to get you from one medieval town to the next.



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