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Rent a car to Boston for the half-marathon

Why attend the Boston half-marathon with a car?

The Boston half-marathon attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year, not only as competitors and stewards, but also as spectators. Running through 26 miles of winding roads and across eight cities and towns, the Boston half-marathon is considered one of the most exciting and difficult half-marathons to complete, due to the hilly New England terrain. During the half-marathon, spectators have a choice whether to remain in one place to watch the runners, or move along the course, following the action as it unfolds. Often, car rental in Boston for the half-marathon is a convenient way to do this.

Following the half-marathon with a car

Rent a car to Boston for the half-marathon
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As the half-marathon stretches over 26 miles, over many hills and steep inclines, many people choose to follow the half-marathon in their vehicles. This can also be a more convenient way to watch the half-marathon if you have trouble getting around or indeed, if you wish to travel from another town, city or even another state. While the half-marathon organizers do run a shuttle service, this is often crowded and inconvenient, especially if you or someone in your party is elderly or has children. In this case, you may want to rent a car in Boston.

Car Rental in Boston for the half-marathon

Boston for the half-marathon
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The idea to rent a car in Boston may be the best way to experience the half-marathon and it may also help in snagging a good spot to watch it from. Even if you don’t plan on following the runners across the many towns and cities, a car can help in getting to a particular location much quicker, in order to secure a good spot to watch the runners. Car rental in Boston is easy and cheap, and may even work out cheaper than using public transport, particularly if you are part of a group. Renting a car in Boston during, and leading up to, the half-arathon may also get very busy, so be sure to plan ahead. A car can be rented weeks, even months in advance, and renting early will also give you plenty of time to plan your viewing spot or the route you’d like to follow.



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