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Planning a Trip in Miami, Florida

Soak Up the Sun Rays on South Beach

If you long for a truly amazing experience, consider a trip to Miami, Florida. With areas like South Beach, you can delve into a vibrant culture and take in all of the greatness that Miami has to offer. From the actual beach to the nightclubs on Ocean Avenue, you can enjoy a vacation unlike any other in Miami. You can also rent a car to make your trip convenient.

Going Shopping in South Beach

South Beach (Miami) - Ocean Drive

South Beach has some of the trendiest boutiques to be found in all of Florida. With its close proximity to the Design District, you can find many hidden designer shops. Word has it that recently, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin decided to relocate their boutique stores to the Design District. Even the Kardashian sisters have their own boutique open in the heart of Miami. Anyone who follows the latest in fashion trends will surely appreciate a tour of these Miami boutiques.

Enjoying Cuban Food in Miami

Miami restaurant

One must be sure to rent a car in Miami to explore all of the great Cuban restaurants that the city has to offer. In Little Havana, you can find some of the best Cuban food at Havana Harrys or the Versaille Restaurant. La Casita is another top Cuban restaurant that is beloved by the locals in town.

Checking Out the Art Scene in Miami

Be sure to rent a car to travel to all of the art galleries in Miami. This city has an array of amazing small boutique art galleries, such as the Art Fusion Galleries and the ArtWay66 Gallery. You may even wish to stop by the Coconut Grove Art Festival to check out all of the incredible work made by local artists in town. South Beach also hosts Art Deco Weekend, which features parties, art shows and culinary attractions. Children will also be entertained at Art Deco Weekend with board games and musical performances.

Enjoying the Music Scene of Miami

Some people also fly in from all over the world to check out the ULTRA music festival during their trip to Miami. The city hosts this music festival every year, and it features some of the hottest electronic bands in the world. You can stay at a hotel in the city and walk to the festival every day. It is up to you to create a great trip in Miami for your next vacation!

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