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What to Pack : Making the Most of Your Ski Trip

Successful ski trips depend on whether you’re prepared to put your blades to the powder and really enjoy yourself. Of course, you can rent some basic equipment as you go, but this handy guide will make it much easier to flesh out your ski vacations.


Your cellphone won’t cut it when you want to snap photos of the pristine slopes you’ll see during your skiing trips. Make sure the images from your ski trips look as good as you remember them by grabbing a mid-range camera and some filters. People who rent a car and explore generally find that there are tons of things they’d like to capture along the way, but there’s nothing worse than getting back home to realize that your low-end camera didn’t do the stunning vistas justice.

Ski camera


If you rent a car to get around during skiing trips, you’ll need a GPS. Discover hidden lodges and slopes, or just explore the area around where you’re staying. Ski vacations are filled with great scenery that will make you want to find out what’s over the next ridge. Make sure that you’re prepared to get there and back without turning your ski trips into harrowing rescue ordeals. Even if you’re aiming for cheap ski trips, you can still pick up a quality GPS on a budget.

Private Reserve

Cheap ski trips are much more likely to remain affordable when you bring the party with you. The lodges you stay at during your ski vacations may have their own bars, but if you want to hold on to some of your cash, rent a car and fill the trunk with all the wine, liquor and snacks you need to have a good time. If you’re vacationing with your family, pack some board games and other amusements to pass the time when you’re not skiing.

Photo 1 : Children Skiing © jogyx – Fotolia.com

Photo 2 : Camera ski © zonch – Fotolia.com



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