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Honolulu day trip ideas with a car

There are many things to do in Honolulu with a car. It is a beautiful, modern city with tons of places to discover, both inside and outside the city’s limits. Experiencing this wonderful city is easy and quite convenient, especially if you have a car available. After all, with a car you can go wherever you want whenever you want, so consider renting one as soon as you land. Car rental in Honolulu is simple and straight-forward and you’ll have many of options available in terms of size and type so no need to worry that you might have brought too many bags or too much equipment. Once you’ve got your transportation arranged and have checked in to your hotel, you’ll probably want to start seeing the sights right away. Below are a handful of the top spots that should not be missed on any upcoming holiday.

Honolulu with a car and the local sights

There is no doubt that the city is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the United States. Among the things to in Honolulu with a car, the most famous (and arguably one of the most famous in the world) is the stunning and poignant USS Arizona Memorial. This memorial bears silent testament to the men who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Thankfully, as this location is only nine miles from Honolulu, it’s easy to get there by car. Just take the I-H-1 West motorway.

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Discover Honolulu with your car : the short driving distances

While the city itself is not to be missed, there are a number of spots which are best reached by a car. For example, the North Shore is twenty-six miles from the city centre via the I-H-2 motorway. This location is perhaps an extremely famous and popular destination for surfers from all over the world. Due to its unique geography, you can experience some truly immense waves along the North Shore and there are numerous competitions held here throughout the year.

Excellent ideas for a day trip

Kaena Point State Park is a great idea for those who have an entire day to visit. A rental car would be ideal in this scenario, as portions of the preserve are over one hour away (approximately forty miles in distance). This park can be reached via the HI-93 (west) motorway which navigates the periphery of the island. Not only is there a great deal of local flora and fauna to be found here, but the north-western edges of this park open up into some wonderful coves and sandy beaches.

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