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3 funny road trips for Summer Holidays

1. A funny road trip from Kansas City

Vacationers flying into Kansas City can rent a car for a hilarious road trip. Located a six-hour drive and 418 miles from the airport is Liberal, Kansas. If the name isn’t ironic enough to make you want to visit, you’ll certainly appreciate a tour of Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz. On the way to Liberal, you can stop in Junction City to see Castle Island or take a quick detour into Hutchinson for a tour through the salt mines. Stop in Greenburg on your return trip to see the world’s largest hand-dug well and a giant meteorite, or make a pit stop in Meade, 40 miles northeast of Liberal, to see the Dalton Gang hideout.

2. A funny road trip from Chicago

funny road trips for Summer Holidays
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Traveling from Chicago into Wisconsin provides hilarious visions for fans of funny trip travel with opportunities to buy silly souvenirs.
Although there are plenty of humorous sights to see in Chicago, by renting a car at the airport, you can leave the big city behind and enjoy a funny road trip to Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Art Museum, fashioned in the shape of a giant sailboat, is whimsical from the outside and full of treasures inside. The museum is located about an hour and a half away from Chicago, only 80 miles from Chicago O’Hare International Airport. While in Milwaukee, you can also enjoy shopping for unique souvenirs such as Spotted Cow ale. On your way back to Chicago, get some grins while satisfying your sweet tooth during a tour of the Jelly Belly factory, located on I-94.

3. A funny road trip through Denver

Funny road trips for Summer Holidays 2
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Colorado is famous for stunning scenery, but you can have some laughs too with funny trip travel options and silly recreational activities.
On your next visit to the Mile-High City, rent a car and take a tour of parts of Colorado you’ve never seen before. Located 227 miles from Denver International Airport is the world’s only high-altitude alligator reserve, Colorado Gators Reptile Park. This unique attraction provides thrill seekers a chance to wrestle gators gets even better during the Alligator Rodeo each August. Other funny things to see near the reserve include the UFO Watchtower, 6 miles away, and Movie Manor Motor Inn, 20 miles away in Monte Vista, Colorado. The highest sand dune in North America is also located in Monte Vista, and you’ll certainly get some laughs as you attempt to climb to the summit of this shifting pile of sand.



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