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East Coast Road Trip: Boston, Washington, Cape Cod

An East Coast road trip is sure to be full of excitement for the whole family, and hiring a comfortable car is the most economic and enjoyable way of getting from one place to another and having easy access to all your belongings. It also means being free to decide on the interesting places you would like to stop at. Plus, as all the motorway and town road signs and directions are very clear and frequently marked, driving is an absolute pleasure.

Road Trip to Boston

Boston is renowned for its history, sophistication, friendliness, and the magical spell it casts on visitors. There are countless things to do on a road trip to Boston, including visiting cultural places of interest, leisurely walks along the wonderful cobbled streets and stopping off at inviting shops, colourful artisan exhibits, restaurants and cafes. Places to see include the glorious waterfront with its nearby famous American Revolution battle sites, for example the infamous Boston Tea Party, which is just 2.5 miles from the city centre.

Road Trip to Cape Cod

Boston to Cape Cod is a mere 71 miles drive, and this treasure trove is the star of all the capes that line the New England coastline. There are charming resort towns and tranquil villages, well cared for beaches that run for miles, and picturesque dune lands on the desolate outer Cape seashore. If you like action, be sure to go to Provincetown, which is 44 miles from Cape Cod. Here you will find a colourful, vibrant town that is jam packed with entertainment and restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisine.

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Washington Road Trip Ideas

Cape Cod to Washington is a 479 mile trip on a well-maintained motorway. A trip to this regal capital city should most certainly include a visit to the White House, and the nearby Washington Monument. Just 1.5 miles away from the centre is the bank side of the Potomac River, a highlight in the Washington Road Trip ideas, and home to the J. F. Kennedy Performing Arts Centre, a must if you love jazz, folk music, dance and theatre.

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In summary, whether you only opt for a road trip to Boston, a road trip to Cape Cod, just follow the Washington road trip ideas, or combine all three; hiring a wonderfully comfortable car for all the family, and having the freedom to go where you want to whenever you please, will mean a fabulous holiday and lots of great memories for your whole family.



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