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America’s Coolest Small Towns with a car

Coolest Small Town in Missouri Can Be Visited by Car

Travelers to Kansas City can make the most of a trip here by renting a car and driving to Jamesport, one of the coolest small towns in America. To budget travel coolest small towns, renting a car is convenient. You may choose to fly into a larger metropolitan area, but with car rental, you can travel to see many American gems located nearby. Those flying into Kansas City will enjoy a fun-filled day traveling to Jamesport, Missouri, which is only 67 miles away. This Amish settlement hospitably welcomes guests who are interested in learning about their way of life. You can enjoy delicious homemade pies, purchase handcrafted souvenirs and take a guided tour of an Amish farm. Of particular interest to many visitors arriving in Jamesport are the colorful, hand-sewn quilts made by the Amish women and beautiful wood furniture handcrafted by the men. Jamesport may be the coolest town in America.

Coolest Small Town in Michigan’s Wine Country with a car

Escape big-city life when you travel to Chicago by driving to Michigan wine country, home of one of the coolest towns in America. When shopping on the Magnificent Mile gets old, budget travel coolest small towns in Harbor Country. This region, located only 47 miles from the Windy City, is Michigan’s wine country. The area includes eight charming small towns and a variety of places explore. Here, on the more tranquil side of Lake Michigan, travelers get away from the city lights to visit wineries and to experience the outdoors in the Great Lakes State. You’ll find unique souvenirs, get a chance to explore the beautiful Michigan dunes and have an opportunity to sample the wares of local artisans. Even during a trip to a bustling metropolis like Chicago, travelers who take advantage of car rental options can enjoy an escape to a coolest small town. Any of the small towns that dot this region are contenders for coolest town in America.

 Thinkstock - all rights reserved - ©csterken
Thinkstock – all rights reserved – ©csterken


Coolest Town in America near San Antonio with a car

Budget travel coolest small towns like Rockport, Texas, with a rental car out of San Antonio. Many of the greatest sights to see in Texas are located outside of booming metropolises. By renting a car at the airport, visitors to the Lone Star State can set themselves free to explore. Travelers flying into San Antonio won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Rockport, TX. This coolest small town, located on the Gulf of Mexico only 160 miles from San Antonio, features a maritime museum as well as several unique art galleries. Water and fishing enthusiasts will enjoy skiing or boating in the gulf during a visit to Rockport, and local festivities are held regularly. Birdwatchers also flock here to see many species of their feathered friends. Each year, during the annual hummingbird migration, this cool town hosts the Hummer and Birding Expo.

Thinkstock - All rights reserved - ©dina2001
Thinkstock – All rights reserved – ©dina2001



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