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Cheap Holidays: Three Ideas for Affordable Family Holidays

Families need to schedule fun time together, but it seems that holidays get more expensive all the time. Consider these tips for planning cheap holidays together.

Get the Cheapest Flights

When booking a flight for your family holiday, consider the best times to fly in order to get reduced-rate airline tickets and make the most of your cheap holidays. Flights that depart on Tuesdays are on average 35 percent less expensive than flights leaving on Fridays. Return flights booked for Sundays can cost up to 45 percent more than flying back on Monday or another weekday. Although it may be a little less convenient to fly on a weekday, you’ll save a lot of money that can be used for other things during your trip.

Invest in Package Deals for Action-Packed Cheap Holidays

Holiday packages can be purchased at a fraction of the amount you would spend if purchasing each item a la carte. Several travel websites offer holiday packages that include accommodations and transportation at deep discounts. Many popular destinations also offer city passes that provide access and quick entry into a city’s top tourist attractions as well as some of the smaller museums. These passes not only save you money, but they also save time by routing you around long ticket lines at popular destinations. Many city passes also provide discounts at local restaurants.

Find Cheap Accommodations

Cheap holidays all have one thing in common: inexpensive accommodations. If you can’t find a good all-inclusive bargain, don’t book a hotel or resort. Instead, take the family to stay at a hostel. You can get great information about family-friendly hostels at various places online. These affordable accommodations are becoming increasingly adapted to family holidays and no longer cater solely to students and young singles. For a more homey, affordable option, consider house-swapping with a family in another country.

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