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American Airports Guide

When planning your next trip to the United States, you might be able to choose specific airports for layovers or destinations. Whenever possible, aim to make one of these five options, ranked as some of the best American airports, one of your destinations or departure cities.

1. Minneapolis : MSP

Travelers often specifically single out this airport in Minnesota for their journeys because the facilities are so extensive and welcoming. Rather than a handful of ordinary airport shops, the Minneapolis Airport actually boasts a mall full of shops selling furniture, clothing and accessories. Many shops will even mail your purchases back home for you. The location is also convenient to the city, and the staff are incredibly helpful whether you need help locating your gate, finding a great cafe in the airport or taking an earlier flight.

2. Boise : BIO

If you are ever flying in or out of Idaho, Boise is the ultimate airport in terms of efficiency. In fact, the airport has the lowest percentage of delayed and cancelled flights of any airport in the United States, and the short security lines are ideal for travelers. Plus, the airport in Boise offers free wireless Internet to all passengers, which can help you pass the time faster whether you are uploading pictures of your holiday or catching up on work emails from the office.Boise airport

3. Austin : AUX

Anyone planning to visit the Texan capital city may be planning to fly in and out of the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport. If so, get ready for a real treat. While you don’t need to plan to arrive early for long security lines, you might enjoy having extra time to soak up the great dining, drinking and entertainment options in the airport. Austin is repeatedly mentioned as one of the best American airports thanks to its live music bars and fantastic barbecue restaurants right in the terminal.Austin airport

4. Portland : PDX

One of the reasons that Portland scored so high among the best American airports has to do with its location and public transportation options. Along with rental car choices within walking distance, travelers can use the light rail to get directly downtown within minutes. The design of the airport is also contemporary and easy to navigate, and the large amount of glass lets you soak up the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Northwest while you wait for your flight.Portland airport

5. Detroit : DTW

As the second-largest Delta hub in the United States and a major airport for international flights, there is a good chance that you will find yourself at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on an upcoming trip. Travelers report that the airport is clean, safe, organized and easy to navigate, and staff are always happy to help you get to your destination. You will also find a number of shopping, dining and nightlife options, though the airport’s high on-time flight percentage means that delays and a chance to enjoy them might be limited.Detroit airport
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