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A 4×4 road trip in the western national parks

The western national parks offer many 4×4 circuits. Explore life’s off-road adventure with Europcar and rent a 4×4 vehicle for an unforgettable journey. Here are some tips:

4×4 road trip in western parks : A trek through adventure

Many western national parks are now only accessible in 4×4 vehicles, while many more feature exclusive 4×4 circuits or experiences for people who own or rent these vehicles. An all-terrain vehicle is also perfect for navigating mountain terrain and rough landscape when it comes to taking a cross-country road trip. From uniquely beautiful lava fields to breathtaking, sweeping desert terrain, to amazing historical monuments and pioneer trails, western national parks have something for everyone. The western national parks are the place to visit during a 4×4 road trip.

A 4x4 road trip in the western national parks
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Williams Ranch, Texas

Williams Ranch, a Western National Park sitting in the base of the Guadalupe mountains, is a must-visit park during your 4×4 road trip, especially for history fans. As well as miles of prairie, there are fascinating turn-of-the-century houses dotted around the plains. The park also allows visitors to embark on a range of activities such as backpacking and horseback riding. Williams Ranch is only accessible by a 4×4 high ground clearance vehicle. If you do not already own one of these vehicles, they are readily available for rent.

Gold Rush National Historic Trail, California

Follow the story of the Californian Gold Rush at the National Historic Trail of California in this stunning line of Western National Parks. Stretching over 2000 miles, all the way to Missouri, the road closely echoes the long, tiring trails taken by emigrants to the rich gold fields and farmland of California from the 1840s-1870s who were looking to earn their fortune. Because of the huge length of the trail, a car or 4×4 vehicle, which can also be used on the 4×4 circuits in a few parks, is essential for road trips between the locations, which are generally hundreds of miles apart.

Ending you 4×4 road trip : Mojave National Preserve, California

A 4x4 road trip in the western national parks
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A jewel among Western National Parks, The Mojave National Preserve is situated in a section of Southern Californian desert, which is a place of great natural beauty and perfect for road trips. Visitors can camp out in the desert under the stars, help conduct research at the Desert Studies Centre or simply hike and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and sunsets. More adventurous visitors can take their 4x4s out in the parks’ specially made 4×4 circuits, which wind around desert trails and over heart-stopping jumps.



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