Road Trip
01 February 2018
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When it comes to cars and road, you can count on Europcar advices. So you can start the journey from your own sofa, our staff picked their 5 favorite road trip movies that you should absolutely watch to […]

30 January 2018
Road Trip | 
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The open road is beckoning and your spirit is yearning to just get in your car and drive. There’s just one thing you need to do first. Well, maybe a few: you want this road trip to be […]

22 August 2016
New Zealand | 
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Discover the contrasting land of New Zealand by taking an unforgettable road trip on the East Coast. Nothing beats the pleasure of driving through the wilds of the South Island to explore all the wealth in this multi-faceted […]

21 August 2016
Portugal | 
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The Algarve is a stunning Portuguese region to visit. Its authentic seaside towns and villages, the cultural wealth that comes from being colonised by various countries, the varied local cuisine, the architectural heritage and the hospitality shown by […]

25 July 2016
Italy | 
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Discovering Sicily by car gives you the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean’s largest island and completely immerse yourself – from Palermo to Syracuse – in its characteristic charm, kaleidoscope of ancient civilizations, Eastern and Western medieval influences and […]

22 July 2016
Australia | 
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From Perth to Exmouth, the Indian Ocean Drive route stretches for 2800 kilometres and promises you an unforgettable road trip on the west coast of Australia, where the red, arid and unpopulated lands of the Outback extend to […]

12 July 2016
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Taking to the road for a tour across Belgium means exploring a way of life where tradition and modernity mix and join German and Latin influences, through architectural treasures, delicious gastronomic specialities, a wide variety of diverse landscapes […]

10 July 2016
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Behind the wheel of your Europcar rental car, take off and explore the Catalan roads and many treasures of this part of Spain, so proud of its identity and heritage. Departing from Barcelona, the economic and cosmopolitan capital […]

04 May 2016
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The Loire Valley is a one-of-a-kind land where fairy tale style castles are in plentiful supply along with breathtaking views on┬áthe Loire river, and of course excellent food at every stop during your trip. If you have never […]

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