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Europcar has new BMW models in its fleet

Europcar is pleased to offer your more choice by introducing new premium rental vehicles to its fleet. There are five models of BMW available in the Europar rental lineup: the BMW 1 series, BMW 2 Series, BMW 320, BMW 5, and in France and Portugal, you can also rent the BMW 7 series. Europcar in Portugal has included the BMW i3 and i8 in the lineup.

The BMW 1 Series


BMW 1 series cars are a sporty hatchback perfect for city driving when you want to make a nice impression. This lineup of cars has a highlight bar on the rear bumper, black chrome, lumber and ergonomically supportive cloth sport seats, ambient lighting, easy-to-grip leather wheel and gear sticks, and chronoscales for that sport car look.

Convertibles in the BMW 2 and 4 Series


Convertibles in the BMW 2 and 4 Series are ready to give you that fresh air feeling with an extendable top for that sudden burst of rain. Features include sport suspension and sport seats. Front and rear welcome lights are accompanied by console storage and a leather wheel with control buttons.

Executive Class in BMW 3 and 5 Series


Executive class, or BMW 3 and 5 Series, is meant for those who enjoy premium quality as well as making a lasting impression. With a modern, yet classical design, the 3 and 5 series BMW is sure to please. Chrome elements inside and outside the car contrast with fine grain wood, and detailed stitching on the leather seats. With this class, no detail is too small.



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