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A couple weekend getaway in Rome

Rome is undeniably one of the world’s most dazzling cities. At the mention of the name, the mind readily conjures up images of gladiators and ancient treasures, all part of the city’s vibrancy and captivating appeal, but Rome is also a top pick for lovers. Couples gathered around fountains, tossing in coins and making a wish is like a fixed part of the city’s vibrant scenery. Rome’s beautiful piazzas play host to droves of lovers who gather within their centre sharing gelatos and sipping cappuccinos.

Rome is much like a huge outdoor museum, and the exploration of the city’s rich history that spans three thousand years is best done with a reliable Europcar rental. Here are a few interesting places of choice for a perfect couples weekend getaway in Rome.

Where to take a selfie in Rome


The Colosseum, otherwise known as the Flavian Amphitheater, is a favored choice for snapping selfies to share with the world. Pictures capture a moment in time that sometimes becomes an invaluable memory, and possibly even a family legacy for generations. Where you snap your selfies is important – you’re in the city of mesmerizing antiquity! The Amphitheatre was built around 70-80 A.D and is the largest amphitheater ever built, making it the perfect place for immortalizing yourself on camera in front of a famous landmark.

Kissing in Rome


The Eternal City of Rome has an abundance of enchanting spots for sharing an unforgettable kiss. The scents, sights, and sounds of the city come together to create an atmosphere that inspires the heart to heart act of kissing. The Ponte Sant’Angelo is definitely one of the most enchanting spots in Rome for doing just that, but timing is everything. The best time to share a kiss is at night when the bridge is no longer busy and there are no trams to ruin the moment. Create a picture-perfect setting and make the moment even more special by standing in front of the magnificent Castel Sant’Angelo.

Where to propose in Rome


Cobblestone paths awash in the golden glow of the evening lights as they lead to a striking monument, and the sweet sounds of accordion music playing in the background. Rome has an abundance of perfect settings for popping the question. Whether at sunrise or at sunset, drive up to Gianicolo Hill and bask in the intimate serenity while holding hands, taking in the 180-degree angle view of Rome before you propose. The view includes the Seven Hills of Rome, the dome of St. Peter’s, and glowing monuments for a truly unforgettable moment.

Don’t miss this


The elegant Casina Valadier restaurant’s chic garden café/bar is a must-visit for a romantic evening of snuggling, sipping, and enjoying a bird’s eye view of Rome. It is located at the beginning of the central Villa Borghese Park and is the perfect setting for a romantic evening in Italy.



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