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Surfing in the UK: our top 5 spots across Great-Britain

When you imagine sprawling coastlines of white sand beaches and ten-foot turquoise waves curling and crashing one after the other, the UK probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

The glorious British isle is home to what are probably the most untapped surf spots in the world. Because surfing in the UK isn’t hugely popular, thanks to the mild yet somewhat blustery clime, it actually makes surfing one of Great Britain’s best-kept secrets. Imagine the entire beach to yourself, no swimmers or rubber dinghies getting between you, your board, and the open water. Read on for an amazing road trip along the best surf locations in the United Kingdom.

Llangennith Beach, Gower, England


Situated on the western edge of the Gower Peninsular, Llangennith Beach is famous for its excellent surfing and sunsets. The campsites surrounding the beach make it an ideal location for a surfing weekend. When the swell gets to 5-6 ft, waves can reach heights of 10 ft and higher, so beginners should be warned that no lifeguards operate on this beach.

Porth Neigwl, Llanengan, Wales


Porth Neigwl, also known as “Hell’s Mouth”, is a bay located on the south coast of the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales and is a three and a half mile spectacular surf spot. Surf conditions are typically best around mid-tide. Once you dry off from the sea, re-energize with the catering van which is parked up on the sand in summer, or head into to the Llanengan town nearby for a traditional pub meal.

Fistral Beach, Newquay, England


Fistral Beach is in Fistral Bay on the north coast of Cornwall, it claims to fame is being the birth place of UK surfing. Capable of creating the big, powerful and hollow waves, some of the best quality in Britain this beach lives up to its hype! However, being the most well-known of all the surfing beaches in the UK, this one does pull in the crowds.

Sennen Cove, Penzance, England


Sennen Cove is a small coastal village in the parish of Sennen in Cornwall, famous for its stunning scenery, wildlife and unspoiled, rugged coastline. At the most westerly point of Britain, a part of the beach called Whitesands Bay benefits from the full effect of the Atlantic swell, making this the most popular spot for surfers.

Thurso East, Thurso, Scotland


Thurso East, also known as the North Shore, is a coastline section of the Atlantic 0.5 miles east of Thurso, Caithness, in northern Scotland. Thurso East is a fast reef break and has hosted many international competitions. The reef holds swell from 2 ft up to a huge15 ft. The only pitfall is that it’s very cold in the north of the UK, so a suitably thick wetsuit depending on the time of year is essential!

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