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A weekend getaway in Southern Corsica for couples

For couples who want to truly appreciate the beauty of Southern Corsica during a weekend, renting a car to explore the south coast of the island is a great idea because there is plenty to see and do around Figari (which conveniently has an airport). Visit the mesmerizing beaches, quaint fishing villages, old fortress towns and pretty harbors. Eat at the finest local restaurants, stay in superb hotels and take part in some exhilarating water sports to make the most of your weekend

Where to take a selfie


After landing in Figari and pick up of your rental car right from the airport, you won’t have to drive far to encounter the region’s most impressive highlights. Head to Bonifacio, located 20km south of Figari for a first Corsican selfie with your loved one. The historic medieval clifftop citadel has breathtaking walks which offer awe-inspiring vistas that are simply not to be missed. Your friends and family won’t believe that the pictures of you in front of the lighthouse with the beautiful backdrop aren’t photoshopped!

Where to kiss


From Bonifacio, you won’t have to search hard to find a romantic spot with a gorgeous view of the mediterranean sea: take your partner for a walk to the Lighthouse Madonetta – ‘the little Madonna’– for an impressive 360° panorama over the sailing ships and a memorable kiss.

From the city center, you’ll have to walk all around the city port for 20 minutes to access the lighthouse. But the view – you can see Sardaigna on the sunny days – and the magic of the moment is definitely worth it.

Where to propose


The Grain de sable (‘sand grain’) id not as small as the name indicates. This famous rock counts among the most popular places around Bonifacio and offers a typical postcard view of Corsica. From there, you can also embrace the fantastic view of the citadel itself, with the surrounding cliffs, before you make the jump… and propose.

To get there, you’ll have the choose between a short walk from the city or opt for a complete sea tour (not recommended though, if you want some intimacy during the proposal).

Don’t miss this

While exploring this coastal town of Corse-du-Sud in the Corsica region, make sure that you don’t miss the chance to visit the museums like the island’s Art and Archaeological Museum, which is perched on a cliff in the 15th-century citadel, and many other museums and exhibitions which bear witness to the passage of time in this island’s rich culture.



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