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Surfing in Australia: our best 5 spots across the 6th Continent

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, and with a very agreeable climate, it’s no wonder this continent is the world’s favorite surfers’ paradise. Its 37,000km coastline is blessed with beach, reef and point breaks to challenge even the most seasoned surfers.

Good news for beginners too, there are also easy-rolling swells that are less daunting to paddle onto safely and with confidence whilst you’re getting to grips with this beautiful sport. The best part is with all this coastline, you can easily find a deserted, pristine beach with space and waves all to yourself.

Surfing in Australia can be perilous sometimes with its sharp rocks and coral reef plus the power of the ocean itself, but the landscapes and experiences that it offers are almost second to none. Prepare the boards, warm up the car engine and read on for a surf trip across Australia.

Byron Bay, New South Wales


Perhaps where you will find one of the most beautiful right-handed waves in Australia, Byron Bay is situated in the southeast of the continent. A top tip for this heavily touristic surf spot is to be extremely respectful of local surfers who get easily frustrated by tourists, especially in the height of the season. Low tide is said to be the best, where waves get particularly hollow and pull you in for stretches of up to 250-300m!

Bells Beach, Victoria


Bells Beach is a coastal destination in Victoria, Australia in Surf Coast Shire and world class surf spot, located 100 km southwest of Melbourne. This right-handed wave is best at mid to high tide with waves reaching a whopping 16ft or more. Its consistent rideable waves have been host to surfing competitions since 1961, upholding its reputation for being a surf mecca.

Cactus Beach, South Australia

Cactus Beach is located in South Australia, close to Point Sinclair and Sinclair Island. Best during mid to low tides and holds swells of 16ft and above. Conditions are ideal thanks to fast and fun waves and few other surfers in the way in this remote surf spot. The one big danger here is that it is renowned for sharks so don’t attract them.

Noosa, Queensland


Noosa is located in the town and suburb of the Shire of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, approximately 136 kilometers north of Brisbane. This beach is for the more experienced surfer who can handle the heavy breaks in these 12ft waves. It’s best during low to mid tides and there are few other surfers around, the reef is sharp so a helmet is recommended here.

The Farm, Margaret River North

Located in the southwest of western Australia, The Farm is known for more than just surf, as a well-known wine producer, and a vibrant art scene. A good right-handed wave, gaining good hollow waves of 6ft or higher. There might be a small crowd in the water but it’s not too challenging to find a wave, just watch out for the shallow rocks lining the shore.

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