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04 August 2017
Australia | 
By Europcar | 

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, and with a very agreeable climate, it’s no wonder this continent is the world’s favorite surfers’ paradise. Its 37,000km coastline is blessed with beach, reef […]

03 August 2017
Great Britain | 
By Europcar | 

When you imagine sprawling coastlines of white sand beaches and ten-foot turquoise waves curling and crashing one after the other, the UK probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. The glorious British isle is home to […]

13 December 2016
France | 
By Europcar | 

This winter, why not take advantage of a holiday or a long weekend with a trip visiting the chateaux of the Loire Valley with Europcar? You’ve already checked out Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny and Amboise, but have you thought […]

12 December 2016
Portugal | 
By Europcar | 

Portuguese roads are well-maintained, and visiting the country in a vehicle proves to be an easy way to see it. However, although the laws on road safety are nearly the same as for other European countries, you must […]

20 November 2016
Culture | 
By Europcar | 
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To save money as much as for environmental reasons, reducing fuel consumption on a daily basis is an increasingly frequent issue among motorists. But in practice, it is not always easy to know how to take concrete action. […]

02 November 2016
Drivers Guides | 
By Europcar | 

A colourful stopover: when you’re on a business trip, you can take advantage of a short visit to Lisbon before catching your plane at Humberto Delgado or going back to your hotel. Guide to must-see places, specialities and […]

25 October 2016
New Zealand | 
By Europcar | 

Travelling around New Zealand in a car is an unforgettable experience, with landscapes that look nothing like those in our beloved Europe. Driving is on the left and passing on the right, so if you’re used to driving […]

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